Regulations of staying in Smyrkowa Dom

§ 1.
The landlord undertakes to rent a cottage house for the period from …………………………..h. 15.00 [3:00 PM] to …………………………….. hours 11.00 [11:00 AM], that is ………. days.
§ 2.
The Lessor undertakes to lease, for the period specified in § 1, a cottage house for a maximum number of eight persons and the Lessee undertakes for the timely receipt of the house specified in § 1 as the first day of stay and return within the deadline specified in §1 as the last day of stay, and to pay the rental fee on the day of arrival and pay a guarantee deposit in the amount of PLN 400. Deposit in the amount of PLN 400 paid within 24 hours of booking. The deposit is free of charge within 60 days of arrival. The deposit for holidays, New Year’s Eve is not refundable. If you decide to stop your stay in Smyrkowa Dom earlier, you will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid nor its reduction.
§ 3.
The rental price is PLN 2400 for a house for 8 people. The amount due for the rental period will be paid in full at the latest when the Lessee takes the house.
§ 4.
The Lessee is obliged to use the house in accordance with its properties and purpose. The tenant can not change the interior design. The technical condition of devices and equipment as well as the aesthetics of rooms and their surroundings may not be, on the day of collection by the Lessor, in a deteriorated condition in relation to the condition in which the house was transferred Tenant.
§ 5.
The tenant can not, lend or give the house sublease to other people. A larger number of persons than specified in § 2 can be in the cottage only with the consent of the Lessor, after agreeing the conditions set out in § 3.
§ 6.
Smoking can only take place outside the house. Compliance with fire regulations, taking care of the order and cleaning inside and outside the house, during the whole period of the rental, belongs to the Tenant. Possible consequences of non-compliance with fire regulations are entirely borne by the Lessee. The Lessee is responsible for compliance with the rules of public order and neighbor’s co-existence. In the Center, silence is maintained from 22.00 to 6.00. The organization of loud parties is prohibited. Due to fire safety it is forbidden to use heaters, electric irons, kettles, cookers and other similar devices that do not belong to the houses. The resort may refuse to accept guests who during the previous stay grossly violated the regulations
§ 7.
The tenant can take home pets (dogs, cats, etc.) with him to the house under the condition of cleaning up and taking responsibility for them.
§ 8.
The tenant, at the time of receipt of the cottage, is obliged to pay a guarantee deposit in the amount of ….. 400 ……… PLN.
§ 9.
The guarantee deposit is returned to the Lessee immediately after returning the house, in the part not used [after any partial deduction to cover possible damage] to cover possible damages in the summer house and its equipment created during the lease, especially the omissions of § 4, 5, 6, 7 (including smoking inside the house). If the guarantee deposit does not compensate for the damage, the Lessee undertakes to cover the full cost of the damage removal, on the day of returning the cottage.
§ 10.
The Lessee, as a deposit, pays to the address provided by the Lessor in the amount 30% of the total rental amount, that is 720 PLN.
§ 11.
This contract comes into effect provided that the Lessor receives the amount of the deposit in the amount specified in § 10 and exactly completed and signed a copy of the contract.
§ 12.
Resignation from renting (regardless of the reason), or the Lessee’s failure to receipt the house within 24 hours from the date specified in § 2, shall be deemed a renouncement of the Lessee from this agreement. The paid deposit is in no case refundable.
§ 13.
In matters not regulated in this agreement, the provisions of the Kodeks Cywilny (Civil Code) shall apply.
§ 14.
The contract was drawn up in two identical copies, one for each receives each party.
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